Blogbeitrag: Monatsrückblick Februar 2024, Christin Bollow

Monthly review February 2024

The shortest month of the year, which seemed longer than January. For whatever reason.

On January 31st Many changes to Shopify have been announced. So my February started with taking an overview to see what could be of use to me.

To my happy surprise, I discovered a tool to make the blog subscriberable. Not everyone jumps into the newsletter straight away, but would like to be regularly informed about new blog posts. That was an advantage with WordPress that I had been missing until now. Now I was able to solve this with a separate registration for new blog posts.

Another idea that had been bothering me for a while was the automatic booking of consultation appointments. There are countless possibilities, but somehow my mind probably wasn't open to it yet or it wasn't the right time. This obstacle also disappeared in February. Ultimately with testing Google Meet. Personally, I find it much easier than Zoom and Meet links can be automatically generated via Google Calendar and sent via email. So I found this option very interesting as a favorite and integrated it into the website for advice on Younique products. You can find it here . It worked great when testing and you get another reminder before the appointment. So really very easy - I like simple things, especially in the technology area.

I have blogged in this post when and how advice on Younique products can help you.

So the issue of booking appointments for online cosmetic advice was solved. What was now missing was a suitable tool for astrological consultations. It should be just as easy to use and compatible with Google Calendar. This was also given to me with a new tool I found in February. Modern, simple and combinable. This means the consultation can be found as a product, an appointment can be booked and held via Google Meet. With the connection in Google Calendar, appointments cannot overlap or be assigned twice. It does everything I wanted and there are very few tools that are easy to use.

If you have always wanted an astrological consultation , now may be the right time for you.

What I blogged and published in February:

What else was going on:

  • The decision to leave Facebook is initially planned for April.
  • After a lot of thinking back and forth, the PDF on the topic of spiritual incense will not be available for the time being. I mentioned it in the January for February monthly review . Maybe I'll implement it again when it becomes clear whether topics in spiritual areas will be further restricted online or not. So that's open at the moment.
  • The beautiful weather invites you to work for the coming planting season. My fingers are already tingling.

What's coming up in March:

  • Preparation for the new Younique markets Poland and Denmark in April 2024. 17 countries will then become 19.
  • Write 12 blog posts. My plan for regular blog posts is in theory. Practice will show whether it can be implemented in a timely manner.
  • Gardening :-) to balance out the anticipation of harvesting

How was your February 2024?

If you have also written a monthly review, please let me know in the comments. I'd love to stop by and see you.

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