About me

Hello, I am a Christian.

In my world, my career revolves around self-care, spirituality and cosmetics.

My journey to bring spirituality to the outside world began in 2017 with a small shop where I initially offered my homemade decorative items and incense as well as stones to a Facebook friend. I have always had an interest in the effects of herbs, plants, stones and the “magical” world.

As a child, I seemed to feel more than those around me.

Growing up in a small village, surrounded by animals, I gained my first "experiences" with them. Love, joy, pain, sadness- I could feel everything they wanted to send me. It wasn't until much later, around 2007, that I started promoting the site more for myself.

2018 in my shop.

The smoking utensils and the conversations gave me a deeper insight into the uses of herbs, plants and resins in smoking mixtures. Likewise, diving deeper into the world of minerals. With increasing interest, including from customers, my offerings in the shop became more towards spiritual tools and less decoration. Books and oracle cards were also added.

A few special encounters with people who came regularly, who were passing through, on vacation or enjoying their spa stay marked the time until the end of the shop in 2021.

In 2019 I got to know the cosmetics company Younique.

While my spiritual side grew more and more through the shop, I got to know the cosmetics from Younique in 2019. First of all as a customer - even though I haven't used decorative cosmetics for a long time.

In the shop I was asked about it and whether I was in love again. At that time I was at a point where I needed to change. When the customer asked, "The mascara seems good. Can I order it from you?", I registered as an independent Younique representative. This is how my journey with cosmetics began, which you can read in this blog post.

In 2020 the world changed. Everything seemed to be upside down.

So I gave up the shop in 2021 and started setting up the online shop with the remaining items in the fall.

At the beginning of 2022 I started further training in astrology, with a focus on astromedicine. A wish that I encountered for the first time when I was 16 and another milestone on my path, because I was and can understand some of the connections in my life more and more.

This gave rise to my desire to support women in the second half of life.

With the experience I have gained from the shop and the astrological and cosmetic product consultations, I am able to provide a deeper connection between cause and effect and solutions from a different perspective. In doing so, I would like to contribute to women being able to treat themselves with appreciation and better understand the context of their lives. Because ultimately a better understanding gives a completely different approach to changing things.

I like to spend my free time gardening. Spending time in nature, sowing, tending and harvesting, grounds me. It clears my head and gives some enlightening thoughts about things that are currently bothering me. I really like to use dried herbs and flowers in my incense or tea blends. For example, the card deck “Small World of Incense” and my Facebook group on this topic emerged from these experiences.

My favorite color is purple, with all its nuances as well as berry tones and the associated nuances.

I love animals, especially dogs, cats and chickens.

Creating the desire for a Women Circle with like-minded women is a project starting in 2024.

I look forward to taking you on my blog journey.

Points from my biography:

  • Born in Rostock in 1974, Sun in Sagittarius, Ascendant in Aquarius, Moon in Virgo
  • Education: Cook/restaurant specialist ( 1992-1994), in Baden-Württemberg
  • Various catering businesses 1994-2011 (change due to parental leave and moves)
  • Mom of 4 children, 3 of them go their own way
  • At the end of 2011, we moved to the Kassel district
  • Team management of an arcade branch ( 2012-2012, 6 months), my shortest time in a company and a key moment in my life “Never another white-collar job like that!”
  • Happily awarded since 2009, it worked on the 3rd attempt
  • Shopping service for seniors (2016-2018) - 2.5 years full of insights in which I realized that supporting people was not my way.
  • In 2017, parallel to the shopping service, a small shop with handmade decorations, stones and incense - end of 2021
  • Brand ambassador for Younique since 2019
  • 2022 Training in Astrology & AstroMedicine
  • 2023 The “Make it pretty” community is created. Cosmetics, spirituality and astrology come together.

Further training/courses:

You Ology skin consultation, online make-up artist masterclass with Anna Cremer, positioning (Bodo Schäfer Academy), newsletter magazine (textur-magazin.de), content planning workshop (Claudia Kauscheder), astrology & astromedicine (Astrovitalis), Quantum healing (Quantenheilunglernen24.de), Speedinar by Willi Prokop, photography course “Smart Photos for Social Media” with Kerstin Sönnichsen, Seo & website design in self-learning courses/self-study, annual review challenge with Judith Peters