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Monthly review December 2023- Back to the beginning

WOW, the last day of December. Where have the last 12 months gone?

The month was all about looking back and reflecting for the year in review . As I was writing, I realized again how much was actually going on. Although I had such a strong feeling of being at a standstill this year, I was able to celebrate small successes, notice growth, look at setbacks from a distance and capture the experiences from them.

Judith Peters ' annual blog challenge got a wonderful ball rolling.

Evaluate dry statistics

Social media is less of a focus for me. So it was exciting for me to look at the statistics from the two websites. Just because of the idea of ​​switching from WordPress back to Shopify. Maybe switching is not the right expression, but rather looking at which platform performs better in terms of numbers and offerings and then deciding which one will accompany me in the long term from 2024. Just because of some of the new regulations next year, which in the best case scenario will all be fulfilled in one place. Booking or adding this here and there takes up time and nerves. At least that's how I feel.

I started the WordPress blog at the beginning of the year. Now towards the end, I see 1648 views and 38 published blog posts in the period from January 1st to March 30th, 2023. I noticed that if I don't share the posts, they get fewer views. The lion's share comes from Facebook and I want to reduce that further.

I had a slump on the Shopify site at the beginning of the year, I suspect due to the many changes, because there was a sudden downward curve with the update. The biggest AHA moment in this transition was the fact that the texts for my healing stones were heavily regulated. What I painfully had to accept on Facebook in 2021. This slump at the beginning demotivated me. New thinking was called for and that was a process.

The views are 1624. In 2022 there were 4189 even though I only registered the page at the beginning of November 2021. These views don’t come through blog posts and without social media. And the year before there were hardly any views from Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Despite fewer views, sales increased slightly.

Very insightful for me. This makes the decision easier and, above all, more independent.


My ace up my sleeve - or a platform that I totally underestimated

Classifieds (formerly Ebay Classifieds), a platform that I chose in the spring for the remaining healing stones from the shop. With a surprise effect, as it turned out. Looking back, it's the platform that somehow has something personal about it. It might sound a bit crazy, but the exchange simply takes place on a different level. I became very aware of this again this month. I'll probably even miss it a little when the stones sell out.


Planning 2024

In this process of reflection, the planning for 2024 is taking more and more shape. Less is more. True to the motto: “The One Thing” (from the book The One Thing by Gerry W. Keller and Jay Papasan). This is my dream collage for 2024, which I will create on December 1st. started. The Women Circle is very present. Even though I'm not necessarily a yay party person, I've really missed interacting with like-minded people in the last few months. The withdrawal since the pandemic has not left me unscathed and I am becoming more and more aware of that. Online is very practical and also has nice aspects, but the real exchange has a completely different energy. I have very fond memories of the special encounters in the shop.


What else was going on in December

We decorate the Christmas tree just in time for the 1st Advent. This year the need for a cozy Advent season is back. Yay. For me it's the most wonderful time of the year, even if the feeling didn't really arise for the last 3 years. The decorated tree, a little decoration, lots of candlelight and the warming smells are the icing on the cake during this time.

Christmas trees and mistletoe are a must. Our first year here, we got the mistletoe from our neighbors. This year they got some from us because they didn't manage to cut any this year. Small gesture big joy. It can be so easy.
On December 2nd we discover the familiar Secret Santa door. Is it Runa again? Our little one is happy to read the little letter. Actually - Runi has moved back in. Until the 30th she made our time a little more magical.
It snows at the beginning of December. There isn't enough to shovel snow, but we still manage to get a little snowman together.
No matter how old you are, there's always a snowman :-) As always, our little one is on fire.
Baking cookies is a must. We're already "late". At least they last until Christmas, when the older siblings come.
Hearts, stars, angels, they are all delicious but Paul made us smile. He will be the last person we want to eat.
My gardener's heart beats even faster in December. A little lettuce, spinach, rocket and radishes sprout happily on the balconies. The last mini bush tomatoes from the windowsill give us small, full-bodied tomatoes on the first holiday. We enjoy the freshness of the salad together.
Santa Claus puts wooden puzzles under the tree for us. Even though there are few pieces, we sit together for 5 days to finish the puzzle.
We tasted blood, laugh and there will definitely be one, two, three more to come.
Of course, a Maumie should not be missing. The little one is thrilled and she's having a lot of fun, even if she was a little desperate at times.
Sun, moon and zodiac signs. Once I stick it, it will decorate my work corner.
In the last week of the year, we're a little used to Younique's Steels and Deals promotion offering selected items at a discount. Like many things this year, Younique did the graduation differently. Because in 2023 the theme was “Being different and simplifying”. 123 items were discounted, across the range. Even some skin care products were included. That was a really successful surprise at the end of the year, because care products are very rarely included in promotions.
2 days of the most blatant action I have witnessed in 4 years. I'm really looking forward to the news on January 1st, 2024. One thing is certain: new markets will be added, because the coming year will be all about growth.
I manage to delete the Facebook business page on December 27th, 2023. After I tried to delete it again and again since the beginning of December and kept getting the message that it didn't work. What a relief for me.
The rough nights.
On the night of December 24th to 25th. The rough nights begin for me. The first night symbolizes January. The weather reflects the mood in the country, at least in my opinion. Wet, gray and storm warnings are announced. Shortly before the holidays, farmers took to the streets and expressed their dissatisfaction. The previous day's floodwaters have receded slightly. When you look out the window you can see some meadow again.
For years I have found that the weather on rough nights can tell a lot. So we will probably see a lot of water next year too. Depending on where you live, of course. Looking back the year before, my notes in the Rauhnacht diary gave a lot of perspective. The weather is one of the most important indicators of the rough nights for me, if I observe neutrally and feel for it.
The raging wind - farmers are announcing further demonstrations for January.
Thoughts out loud that I would like to record here - as a reminder.
Light and shadow in the night sky from December 29th to 30th, 2023. Despite the many clouds, it is very bright at night.

What's coming up in January?

  • The 12 of 12 blog articles have been on the agenda since September. I really have to get used to this routine again, documenting the day with 12 pictures. An old blogging tradition. I've now set a reminder on my phone so that I'll remember it in January. Crazy.
  • I'm really looking forward to the news from my partner company at the beginning of the year. Growth is the motto. I'm almost certain that the Beauty Box will get an update.
  • Implemented the broken down tasks to achieve small milestones in the 1st quarter. In the last newsletter magazine I wrote about my simple strategy. I will record my experiences in a blog article in the second quarter.


Thank you, December, for the time and leisure to look back. It's the last day of this year and despite or perhaps because of it, I will say goodbye to you happily. It's been 12 months that I can now see as preparation for 2024.

Thank you very much for reading.

I wish you the necessary serenity, gentleness and strength for 2024. Peace and quiet to gather strength, openness to new things and courage.

Extraordinary adventures usually require exceptionally simple "tools".

In this sense

Make it pretty


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