Blogbeitrag: Network Marketing- Flexiebel von Zuhause arbeiten, Christin Bollow, Younique Beraterin und Astrologische Beratung

Work flexibly from home

Network marketing and the numerous benefits it offers. Even if its reputation is slightly "overshadowed" by prejudices or bad experiences, it is a future-oriented business. From flexible working hours to innovative sales models, this business model offers multiple ways to be successful. In this article I have picked out 13 advantages why more and more people are choosing network marketing.
  1. Lower barriers to entry : Compared to conventional business models, starting a network marketing business in most cases requires low start-up capital. No physical location (store) or expensive purchase of goods or store equipment is required. Nobody asks about special qualifications, training or skills. The generally affordable entry cost of starter kits and the ability to run the business from home means the financial risk is low. A work device (smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop) and an internet connection are sufficient and (usually) already available. This model is therefore very suitable for career changers, people with physical disabilities, people who care for a family member at home or for a new start in the second half of life.
  2. Flexible working hours : Sales partners can organize their working hours flexibly and therefore adapt them to their everyday life and living conditions. Therefore, it is also ideal as a part-time job.
  3. Automated processes : If you decide to work without home parties but instead use an easy-to-implement online system, you save further time and costs for travel, preparation and organization. Another advantage of an online system is a certain degree of independence, because time and effort can be controlled individually. If the hostess or guests suddenly become ill, you cannot influence these external influences, for example. Online tools enable automated ordering processes, billing, payment processing and presentation, which minimizes the organizational effort for sales partners.
  4. No storage costs : Since most network marketing companies have a ready-made online shop system ready for their sales partners, they do not have to have packaging material or products in stock at home, which also reduces the financial risk.
  5. Simple systems : Sales partners can easily share their applied systems and strategies with their team partners online.
  6. Flexible communication channels : Due to the variety of online communication channels such as email, social media, messengers, groups, member areas or video conferences, the communication channels can be used in a variety of ways.
  7. Community and Support : Online networks provide channel partners with the opportunity to connect with each other, share experiences and support each other, leading to stronger community and collaboration.
  8. Global collaboration : Through online networks and social media, sales partners can build a global community and support each other, share experiences and learn from each other. You can read which countries Younique is represented in in this article.
  9. Global Reach : The Internet allows network marketing companies to showcase their products and business opportunities to a worldwide audience, resulting in significant reach and enabling distributors to reach customers and partners outside of their country.
  10. Innovative sales models : The online world promotes the development of innovative sales models that enable companies to break away from traditional approaches and break new ground. Since 2020 we have been experiencing the rapid development and change in our shopping behavior. Modern marketing companies standardized this trend a long time ago, so the change to the situation at the beginning of the pandemic was already timely.
  11. 24/7 availability : Online platforms enable sales partners to offer their products and business opportunities around the clock without having to be present everywhere all the time. In most cases, the initial additional effort is rewarded after an individual implementation phase.
  12. Further development : The dynamics of online marketing require a continuous willingness to learn new things, which automatically leads to the further development of one's own skills. These processes lead to personal and professional growth, which strengthens one's self-worth and self-confidence.
  13. Niche marketing : By using online platforms, sales partners can target a specific target group that suits them. Also known as niche marketing. You don't need a large number of customers to be successful. This myth seems to still be very persistent. Small, nice, but reaching the right people can be a valuable contribution to choosing your business path.

Network marketing is not a sprint. It takes some time, patience, perseverance, implementation and courage. Not everyone is suitable for this path, even if this is emphasized again and again.

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