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10 steps for a good start in network marketing

Today's article is about 10 tips that, in my opinion, pave the way for a good start in network marketing.

1. Self-reflection and goal setting

Before you get started, take some time for self-reflection. Why are you thinking about getting into network marketing?

  • Should it be additional income for small or larger wishes/projects?
  • Is more flexibility in your professional life perhaps important to you?
  • Does your current job no longer fulfill you?
  • Do you want to reduce hours in your main job?
  • Are you looking for work and having difficulty finding a new position in your current field?
  • Are you looking for a job that you can do from home?
  • Do you have physical limitations and want to pursue an activity in a self-determined, flexible and independent manner?
  • Should it replace a main income or supplement your pension?
  • Or would you simply like to try something new and pursue your passion?

There are many different reasons - clarity gives direction.

In 2019, network marketing was the answer to my question: "How can I generate additional income for the Christmas market project?"

2. Research and selection

There are many companies in network marketing, with a wide variety of products. Do a little research to find the company, products, and sponsor/mentor that align with your values. Maybe you already use products and know your mentor. Ask him about the conditions.

I was invited to an online party by my future sponsor and ordered 3 products. I was asked about the mascara - that was my key moment for registration.

3. Learning

When you start something new, you rarely avoid learning something new. If the products are new to you, get to know them and gather your experiences - what problems they solve for you and what your favorites are. Most companies offer a starter package. They are designed in such a way that they are completely sufficient to get started.

If the online world is a challenge for you, learn the necessary steps for working with the social media platforms of your choice. A little tip on the side - limit it to the essentials. Too much information only confuses.

Ask yourself whether working methods suit you. What works well for others doesn't mean you're comfortable with it.

I realized that I had to find another way. The sentence: "We've always done it this way." Even on the network, you need to think outside the box and it doesn't suit everyone. Stay open to new things and, if necessary, work differently than others. One has nothing to do with the other. You can love the products and the sympathy between you and your sponsor is human, which doesn't automatically mean that you work the same way.

I like the products and my dear Andrea and yet the paths we now take are different. We still support each other and are there for each other.

If your sponsor's path suits you, they will support you. There are also information areas for the first steps in the network marketing companies.

4. Make a plan

A plan helps you stick with it and keep your focus. How much time can you invest daily/weekly? Create a brief overview of what you would like to do during this time? Try it out for 90 days and see how you feel. If life gets in the way, don't stress. Unforeseen things, such as illness, can always throw the whole plan overboard. That's part of it. Still, stick with it and start again with your plan when the situation calms down. You will notice that accepting the situation and taking the pressure off will clear your head much more quickly.

5. Build an online presence

Everyone starts at a different point and not everyone is “made” for a quick start. Therefore, be honest with yourself.

For example, if you have 30 minutes a day, think about what you can do in that time. Do you love writing posts? Then, for example, collect the topics in a time unit and take notes. You use the next one to take multiple pictures or save free images (platforms like Pexels or Canva offer images for free, commercial use). You can turn the topics and images into posts for social media platforms or blog posts in the remaining days of the week. Do you like doing stories/reels? Then use the time unit and create 1 story/reels every day and it's the same with videos. Start with the format that makes you feel good and is easy for you. Then try out another one little by little. You will quickly find out what suits you well and what resonates with the audience. Do more of what works well, or combine it. There is no one formula. Some only create posts, others only create videos or reels, and others do everything in combination. Find out what is good for you and, above all, what you enjoy. You won't last in the long run if the fun factor isn't there.

Do you have more time every day or a larger time window once a week? Then simply adapt the steps above.

In the beginning you will do more, but as you go further down your path you will get a little more breathing room. Well-created content will continue to “work” for you at a later date.

Also plan free time. Breaks are important.

6. Community building

Network marketing thrives on relationships. In some old ways of working, people still say that you should write to people on social media every day or ask them a friend request. Or talks about his new project with family or friends. There are many ways to build a community without targeting people.

These are points, for example, that I couldn't get used to right from the start. I did it anyway and quickly let it go. This suits some people, but to this day it doesn't suit me.

Another way is to create valuable posts and attract interested people.

7. Patience and perseverance

Success in network marketing doesn't come overnight. Give it some time. Stay patient and keep working, even if the first few posts don't receive any feedback. There will be ups and downs, but with perseverance and dedication you will achieve your goals.

8. Mentoring and Collaboration

Your mentor/sponsor or other experienced team members will support you. Working with others in the team strengthens the exchange of experiences and makes it possible to learn from each other.

9. Celebrate your successes

Don't forget to celebrate yourself for the first small successes. Whether it's the first feedback, the first sale or the achievement of a milestone, celebrate your progress and recognize your achievements. This strengthens your self-esteem and your motivation.

10. Continuous adaptation and growth

The path to success is dynamic. Review your goals regularly - they will change along the way. Also your initial plan and strategies. Adjust regularly because everything is constantly changing - stay curious and be willing to learn from mistakes.

I hope you were able to take something away from today's post. Even if it's just one thing.

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