Blogbeitrag: Younique Foundation für jeden Hauttyp

Younique Foundation for every skin type

The foundation for flawless make-up starts with the right foundation. Younique presents a fine range of foundations that not only ensure perfect coverage, but also nourish and radiate the skin. Let's take a look at the Younique serum foundation, powder foundation with conditioning and the popular BB cream.

1. Serum Foundation: The innovation for a radiant complexion

The Younique Serum Foundation is more than just makeup. Enriched with nourishing serum elements, it not only provides excellent coverage but also promotes skin health. The lightweight formula allows the skin to breathe while giving a radiant complexion. It is the perfect choice for anyone who loves a natural finish.

2. Powder foundation with care: Light coverage, maximum care

If you are looking for a foundation that pampers the skin with care while providing light coverage, the Younique Powder Foundation is the ideal choice. It can be applied effortlessly and gives the skin an even appearance. The nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, kaolin and chamomile protect the skin and give it a healthy radiance.

3. BB cream with SPF 30: Light, fresh and protected

The Younique BB cream is an all-rounder for a fresh look. With SPF 30 it also offers effective protection. The talc-free formula contains finely ground silica for a smooth, light-diffusing texture. Enriched with botanical ingredients such as shea butter, kaolin and chamomile, it not only provides even coverage but also nourishes and protects your skin throughout the day.

Individual advice for your perfect foundation

As a Younique consultant, I am available to help you find the ideal foundation (as well as the right shade) for your skin type and needs. I would be happy to advise you individually. Let's discover together the foundation that enhances your natural beauty. Contact me for personal advice.

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