"Die Mascara scheint gut zu sein, kann ich die bei ihnen bestellen?"

"The mascara seems good, can I order it from you?"

My journey at Younique began with this question.

Mascara, it is one of the basic products in the cosmetic range. Many women use them daily as a solo product.

Since when has mascara actually been around?

Records of the use of “makeup” date back to 3500 years BC and take us to ancient Egypt.

In any case, the ancient Egyptians colored their eyelashes and applied eyeliner to protect themselves from evil spirits. The black eyeliner has also “survived” to this day. It is astonishing that the first solid mascara was only invented by Eugéne Rimmel at the end of the 19th century. It was a solid stone and with a moistened brush the black color of the soot-soap mixture was picked up and applied to the eyelashes. Tradition says that the stone was also called a spitting stone. Because if the women didn't have water handy, they simply used their spit to wet the brush and apply the color to their eyelashes.

It wasn't until 1913 that the first mascara/mascara with a paste consistency was invented by Tom Lyle Williams. He made his sister Maybel very happy. Many of you know the company that emerged from this, which still successfully offers mascaras in stores today.

A lot has happened since the first mascara. They are available in color, waterproof, without fibers, with fibers and there are a lot of different brushes. Each one serves its purpose in its own way to create long, curved eyelashes. There are good ones and not so good ones, just like with all other things.

My favorite mascara

Now I've tested a few over the last few years and somehow I always come back to the beginning of my Younique journey. It all started with the Moodstruck Epic Mascara in Waterproof. Although I have to say, they are no longer available in waterproof. Which doesn't reduce their durability in any way. It lasts all day without "crapping".

My personal preference is defined, long lashes with curl and that fulfills them. Even though we have other great mascaras on offer, somehow I feel drawn to this one the most. Maybe there's a bit of memory attached to it, because without them and the question: "Can I order these from you?" I wouldn't have registered in 2019.

You can find the mascara here . (Advertising)

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