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Monthly review November 2023

My first monthly review for the blog. The inspiration for this comes from Judith Peters .

I came across it while searching on Google and since I've somehow always missed the 12th of 12 post since September, the impulse to review the month came at just the right time. I have to start somewhere to get into the routine. Then why not with a monthly review? And because it's such a great time, I signed up for their annual review challenge, which starts on December 1st, 2023.

November review

At the end of October I took part in a photography mini-course with Kerstin Sönnichsen . Smartphone photography “On the Go” as she so beautifully puts it. It made sense to implement what we had learned. So in November it was all about sharpening your perspective. Everything that came across the lens in everyday life and seemed useful to me as a metaphor in images was captured. That was one of the tasks of the course. At the end of the month, 233+ 15 of the countless images and short video frequencies remained and were sorted into albums.

With a “sharpened” perspective, these everyday pictures were, among other things, taken after the photo mini-course. The dahlia as a sun worshiper, structure, the will to grow and a split thorn of a rose hip plant.
Structure was again an issue in November. So I cleaned out, rearranged and made space. Online and offline. That slowed things down. I think it's good for all of us to slow down a bit, especially now at the end of the year.
I was happy that our holiday campaign at Younique was so relaxed. Because we brand ambassadors had already received the most important information at the end of October. The newsletter and magazine were created quickly. This saved a lot of extra emails and of course time and nerves. A blessing for us and our customers. Okay, maybe not everyone feels that way. There's something about the thrill too. However, it's not mine when my email inbox is overflowing with offers. One of the reasons why I only send a newsletter twice a month.
*Advertisement* By the way, my absolute favorite of the holiday promotion is the new You-Universal creamy clay + charcoal mask, which will be added to the range at some point in 2024. Great when large pores are a challenge.

What else happened in November?

  • Put the finishing touches on an Advent calendar.
  • Birth chart analyzes + advice
  • Birthday brunch
  • Tingling nose and man's cold from my favorite craftsman, which meant that I also got a few bacteria and ended the month with lots of tea and tissues.
  • Preparations to delete my Facebook page on the 1st of Advent.
  • Frost and snow are appearing - winter is approaching us very gently.

What's coming up in December!

  • Start of the Make it Pretty Advent calendar in the blog.
The Advent calendar starts on December 1st, 2023 in blog format - 24 impulses to join in for an extra portion of deceleration in the "pre-Christmas stress".
  • Year in Review Challenge
  • My birthday thank you campaign for newsletter subscribers
  • bake cookies
  • Celebrate rough nights
  • Shoveling snow?
  • Spend a cozy Christmas with the family and say goodbye to 2023

How was your November and what are you planning for December?

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