"Da ist aber jemand auf dem Kriegspfad..."

"But there's someone on the warpath..."

When our heating system failed in the fall of 2023 and the mechanic came to repair it, he noticed my freshly cleaned make-up brushes, which were lined up next to each other like organ pipes on a towel above the small radiator in the hallway and were drying. "But there's someone on the warpath." he said with a smile, looking at the brushes. At first I didn't understand what he meant and my favorite craftsman just said: "Yes, why not?." "I don't like it when my wife wears makeup." the mechanic replied. Well, since it wasn't his first time with us, I didn't pay any attention to this remark, but it still gave me something to think about.

Isn't it precisely comments like these that subconsciously leave a rather negative feeling? Makeup is more than just an external change. It can be a form of self-care and self-love. Make-up is a creative art that allows us to express our personality, increase our self-confidence or slip into a role. Why is make-up often viewed critically in everyday life?

When we, as children, dressed up as Indians for Carnival, this “war paint” was part of the role we took on that day. We had a lot of fun doing it. In this situation, it was perfectly acceptable and even encouraged to use creative makeup.

In their teenage years, it is mascara and eyeliner that girls usually use to gain their first everyday make-up experience. And women who hardly wear make-up most often “only” use mascara. Adolescence is a phase of self-discovery in which people try out different styles and forms of expression. Skin care routines and makeup can help explore the feminine side. They are tools such as clothing, perfume and jewelry. They give us good well-being or not. It's completely okay to try things out and find yourself new every now and then in life. After all, the only constant is change.

People who have little interest in makeup etc. may not understand that for other people it is a form of self-care, self-discovery and self-expression or as a means of making a living. What would pantomime, theater, film, opera, etc. be without the appropriate wardrobe and make-up artist? There are also some other professions that don't exist.

Mothers in particular often get lost in a devoted, caring everyday routine and forget about themselves as a person. Solid skin care and/or make-up routines can be just as supportive as exercise, diet and clothing in feeling more comfortable in your own body. Accepting the changes in your body better and feeling attractive and lovable as a woman are values ​​that we pass on because, in addition to family, mountains of laundry, cooking, jobs and cleaning, we also take loving care of ourselves. This means that not only we as a person but also those around us benefit from it.

After 5 years with Younique, I think that's exactly why I'm still a brand ambassador. My job was/is to accept myself more internally as a woman and pass this on. Even though it might sound a bit crazy, I manage to do this after a few roller coaster rides of emotions, doubts and wanting to give up more and more. Of course not everyone can relate to that, but I know that many women feel the same way.

Makeup is without obligation. And why not actually be on the peaceful “warpath”? Whether you do this with or without make-up to achieve your goals ultimately plays a minor role. And maybe at some point we'll sit around the campfire and smoke the peace pipe - simply for the desire for peace and bury the "hatchet" of unpleasant comments.

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