Anti-Aging-Serum mit Drachenblut

Anti-aging serum with dragon's blood

One of my favorite skin care products is the You·Ology Anti-Aging Serum. As soon as it was introduced to us, I was hooked because one of the ingredients is dragon's blood. I use it myself in smoking mixtures. So not the anti-aging serum, but the resin :-)

The resin of the dragon tree is called dragon blood. It has a long history across cultures and is often associated with mystical and healing properties. Some lore and traditional uses of dragon's blood include:

In ancient cultures

  • The Ancient Egyptians: - used dragon's blood in smudging ceremonies and as an ingredient in healing ointments.
  • In the Roman Empire: - Dragon's blood was used as an ingredient in perfumes and cosmetic products.

Traditional Chinese medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine, dragon blood was used as an anti-bleeding agent and to promote blood circulation. Also for stomach problems and to support wound healing.

What excites me about it

On the one hand, I tend to have large pores and have smaller scars from pubertal pimples. Many of us know it :-) I'm also at the age that's called the best age. I had never thought about a serum before and whether it really made a difference in skin care until I had the experience myself.

With well-cared for skin, decorative cosmetics have a completely different effect.

As part of my skin care routine, the serum was able to help me even out these small irregularities.

As with many products, it is of course not a miracle cure that works overnight and makes us 20 years younger. But with regular use, differences in the skin's appearance can not only be felt but also visible.

You can find the You·Ology anti-aging serum here. (Advertising)

Addendum March 2024 : Unfortunately the serum is leaving our range. You can only get it at a discount in my shop while stocks last.

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